Jancy Language Manual

This manual describes the syntax and semantics of the Jancy language, with an emphasis on differences between Jancy and traditional C-family languages. It is assumed that the reader is proficient in at least one of those (C, C++, Java, C#, D).

Jancy Standard Library Reference

This reference describes classes and functions that are available to Jancy scripts out-of-the-box, including C runtime subset, IO subsystem, system facilities, containers & collections etc.

Jancy C API Reference

This reference is intended for those planning to embed Jancy into applications, use it as an application-customizing scripting language or write extension libraries for Jancy in C or C++.

Jancy Compiler Overview

Jancy compiler has a couple of non-standard design decisions which put it aside from many other compilers. Read this section for a compiler design overview.

Jancy Grammar Reference

Jancy compiler uses a top-down table-driven parser auto-generated from the grammar files. Here you will find a reference to the actual grammar used by the compiler (code of C++ actions cleaned up for readability).

Jancy Build Guide

Jancy has multiple dependencies, so building it might seem somewhat complicated. But fear not, for we are going to guide you step by step through the build process.