Jancy is distributed as an open-source project. To use it, you have to build it.

Please refer to the Jancy Build Guide for detailed build instructions.

GitHub Links

The prefereed way of getting the latest Jancy sources is to clone repositories from GitHub with:

git clone <one-of-the-urls-below>
Repo-bundle (Jancy + AXL + Graco + Doxyrest) — recommended

We also provide a mirror for all the milestone Jancy releases accessible below:

Latest Jancy Source Bundle (Jancy + AXL + Graco + Doxyrest) — recommended

Jancy 1.8.3 — Source (Windows CR/LF line endings)jancy_b-1.8.3-src.7z
Jancy 1.8.3 — Source (Unix LF line endings)jancy_b-1.8.3-src.tar.xz

Latest Jancy, AXL & Graco Separate Source Packages

Jancy 1.8.3 — Source (Windows CR/LF line endings)jancy-1.8.3-src.7z2.86 MB2018-08-08
Jancy 1.8.3 — Source (Unix LF line endings)jancy-1.8.3-src.tar.xz2.86 MB2018-08-08
AXL 6.1.0 — Source (Windows CR/LF line endings)axl-6.1.0-src.7z356.12 kB2018-08-08
AXL 6.1.0 — Source (Unix LF line endings)axl-6.1.0-src.tar.xz355.03 kB2018-08-08
Graco 1.3.2 — Source (Windows CR/LF line endings)graco-1.3.2-src.7z61.95 kB2018-08-08
Graco 1.3.2 — Source (Unix LF line endings)graco-1.3.2-src.tar.xz61.7 kB2018-08-08

Latest Graco Binary Packages

Graco 1.3.2 — Windows (Intel 64-bit ZIP archive)graco-1.3.2-windows-amd64.7z91.84 kB2018-08-08
Graco 1.3.2 — Windows (Intel 32-bit ZIP archive)graco-1.3.2-windows-x86.7z81.94 kB2018-08-08
Graco 1.3.2 — Linux (Intel 64-bit tarball)graco-1.3.2-linux-amd64.tar.xz317.67 kB2018-08-08
Graco 1.3.2 — Linux (Intel 32-bit tarball)graco-1.3.2-linux-x86.tar.xz339.46 kB2018-08-08
Graco 1.3.2 — macOS (Intel 64-bit tarball)graco-1.3.2-mac.tar.xz185.25 kB2018-08-08

Blast From The Past